Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rogue - Brutal Bitter

So tonight it is Rogue Brutal Bitter. I just love to say it and roll my "r"s over and over again. This is one of those beers that I'm either in the mood for or I'm not. It has me re-examining every time I drink it. Of course that kind of confusion drives me away sometimes too. I don't know. Go buy some and try it for yourself :-) Served in a pint glass a little warmer than it should have been...oh well. Appearance: color is on the orange side of yellow a little cloudy, but, who cares...heheh good head took over a few minutes to even really make a dent in it Smell: nose is hoppy, but, doesn't knock you down...it gets you ready for what is to come Taste: the first sip is clean and bitter, but, not bitter to a fault the bitterness rounds out around the tongue, and malt eases the bitterness down a tinge of nuttiness, before the finish very complex & hard to describe tangy like a sour apricot chutney tea in a very beer way...heheh Mouthfeel: light body clean and dry at the close Drinkability: If you are looking for a very hoppy beer that is very drinkable, almost thirst quenching, this is it.

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Unknown said...

It's definitely a hoppy beer for those who don't much care for hoppy beers. I slurped one down when we were at Rogue last week and I usually don't enjoy hoppy beers at all.