Friday, August 19, 2005

Flying Fish: Variety Case

Stopped by the distributer and picked up a variety case from Flying Fish. The variety consists six bottles each of: I have had this before. I'll post my impressions here later. Porter Dark brown and somewhat transparent. Kinda like looking through a reddish brown beer bottle. There's a 1/2 finger head that shrinks to a 1/8 finger and stays until the end. There's a coffee like sweet malty smell. Somewhat bitter up front with a huge pleasant deep roasted dark finish. This starts clean and carobonated for a porter, but, not bad. Except for the lack of taste up front this is drinkable. So you can drink alot of it just expect all the flavor in the finish and after taste. Abbey Dubbel Good coppery color with large bubbles. The head dissipates quickly and leaves an aroma of alchohol and caramel. The taste is less than inspiring kinda tangy and fruity alcohol taste. Not much to say about the mouth feel. Average and not too carbonated. This isn't offensive, but, it isn't something that I would seek out again. Eh.

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