Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Beer from the Make Blog

So lets start this off with something from the Make blog. If you like to "do-it-yourself" or want to read about those who do this is an awesome site. Warning, if you have too many hobbies already you may not want to click through ;-) HOW TO make Beer! From the shadows... Let me know if it is worth the read. Wait, I think I'm supposed to do that? Oh well.

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Bryan Kolesar said...

Wait a second, who's in charge here. This feels like anarchy and we're only the 2nd post. aagghhhh!

OK, I'm over it. I'll think of something more intelligent to post next time.

Don't forget to drop our friends over at a little donation for the great job they do. Just a few bucks will help keep them happy. Their goal is $1000/month and it seems like they're pretty much on track.