Thursday, August 11, 2005

Some Good Growler Time

So I was sitting on a friends deck shooting the breeze over a pint. We often talk about the weather, running(not me just him), mp3s, Dave Matthews, work, family, etc. You get the picture. We were drinking a beer that he brought back from one of the many brew pubs that he visits. Then he brought up the topic of growlers. There's the screw top, porcelein stopper, metal handle, color, shape and other interesting things that these places do to make their growler stand out or in some cases not so much. Then he suggested that one of the most important things about the growler is what you do with it. Beer from the tap doesn't stay fresh in these for very long. Even if you don't open it and keep it in the fridge you still only have a few days before the taste changes. I guess it is the air that comes into contact with the beer. CO2 is the secret ingredient that helps to keep the beer fresh. Who cares, right? Well if you can't keep it, you need to drink it. That is where it all begins. So, next thing you know you're emailing and calling friends to share it with. I can't tell you how many summer evenings my friend and I have spent over a pint from a growler he picked up in his travels. I think we have solved the problems of the world 10 times over. So if you don't own a growler you might think about picking one up the next time you're at the local brew pub.


Bryan Kolesar said...

A great thread at Beer Advocate about transporting growlers home via airplane. My postings are under BK998. Thought it was neat thread that struck a personal chord with me :)

Adam said...

I think you should open a service.

Brian's growler express. Want fresh beer from Oregon, Belgium, or Ireland tonight? Login to my site and see where I am. I just might bring a growler home for you ;-)