Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Brewing Beer: You Name it Imperial Stoutenporter

I know I know there's nothing called a Stoutenporter. Well you read on and then tell me what I should call it. The following is a list of beer ingredients I had sitting around the house; 10.6 lbs of dark malt, 14 oz. of brown sugar, 11 oz. of molases, 4 kinds of left over hops and some fresh espresso. Hey, I was tired of looking at those cans of extract in my basement. I mean what good are they doing us there? ;-) One was from 1997 {wince} don't worry I taste tested it. Some call this a Kitchen Sink beer or Frankenstein beer...I call it MINE! Muhuwahahah! Seriously if it works out I think the ABV will be around 10% or so depending on the attenuation. Is it an imperial stout? Who the heck knows? I'll tell you one thing. It is gonna kick your butt! From Barley Wine to Wee Heavy Scotch Ale to Imperial Stoutenporter...sheesh I think it is safe to say we like BIG beers. But where do we go from here?

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