Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dogfish Head Alehouse, addendum

ugh, I can't believe the one comment I forgot to make about Dogfish Head Alehouse in Gaithersburg, MD and their takeout policy.

Adam reminded me in a comment to my original post. I enjoyed our visit to DFH, but went home a bit disappointed because they're in the only county in Maryland that does not allow beer carry-out from a bar like theirs. So, the growler I brought with me went home empty :(

Just a word of advice in case you ever try to do the same. ALSO, in response to Baba's comment from, the owner of the DFH Alehouse in Gaithersburg mentioned that one of the next locations they're scouting for expansion of the DFH concept is Leesburg, VA. Sounds like a further push into the D.C./Northern VA market.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, this is Baba from, we just added you to our links, didnt know bout your site until you recently commented on ours. Anyways, great write up of the ale house, I have been wanting to get over there, havnt had time. We have gone to the DFH brew pub in Rehobeth beach many times, great place. I was suprised that DFH wouldnt have wanted to put their new place in Baltimore, lots of brew culture happening there.

Adam said...

Real quick 'cause I'm sittin' down to eat with my family.

Thanks for adding us. We'll do the same. Bryan is the brew pub writer/reviewer/etc. here and I think he does a great job of it :-)

Anonymous said...

If DogFish moves to Leesburg, that will be the goofiest shit I have ever heard. I don't understand why DFH, with it major esteem, doesn't locate in the city?