Sunday, June 04, 2006

Brewing Equipment: Modified Refrigerator for Lager & Summer Brewing

Jeremy's parents are moving! They just happened to have a refrigerator they were not taking with them so I swooped in and grabbed it. I plan to use it for brewing in the summer and perhaps brewing some lager. Of course my wife is wondering why we need three refrigerators, but, I assured her it would be fine ;-) Doesn't everybody have three fridges? Remember that book, Brew Ware, about beer equipment? I think it tells you how to modify a fridge so you can keep it at a higher temperatures. If I remember correctly, it involves changing out the thermostat which operates at higher temps. Of course this has caused me to rearrange and clean my garage. Which reminds me...I should really be getting to that. I'll post more on the modifications I make to the new fridge.


Anonymous said...

That would be 4 refrigerators, honey! The small beer-filled one down the basement, actually does count. Some people collect stamps, and some collect..... refrigerators?!?
Lisa ;)

Jeremy said...

You can never have too many refrigerators! My parents have had that refrigerator for as long as I can remember... I basically grew up with it! It has moved with them through about 6-7 different states... East coast, West coast, Mid-West, and back to the East coast.

Anyway, when are we makin some lager??? :-)