Monday, June 12, 2006

What is it about beer?

What? Were you expecting another hops picture? Ok ok I'm taking a break from that for at least a day...heheh. Seriously, I was at a party a few nights ago with my wife. There were many types of drinks from water to beer & wine to mixed drinks. Corona & Molson were the beer choices. Not unexpected for a summer party really. I opted for the Molson. As everybody was drinking Mike's hard lemonade, wine and cosmo's I was thinking about what it takes to please me when it comes to beer. As you know I kinda like ;-) "interesting beer" like Three Floyds Alpha King or something from a local brewer such as Incubus from The Sly Fox. I like interesting. I'm not a snob about it though. I enjoy all kinds of beer. To me my beer is like the music I listen to. One day I'll be listening to Johnny Cash the next its The Chieftains or Nine Inch Nails. So when I visit my Dad we get something we like. It could be I.C. Light this time or an IPA from JBC the next or even a homebrew. So, it isn't just about the taste either. I mean nobody can tell me that I.C. Light tastes better than IPA from JBC. Yet this doesn't stop me from drinking it with my Dad. So what the hell is it about beer that makes it so interesting? Some might say its the buzz from the alcohol. Yeah I guess, but, you can get that from few shots of cheap liquor. I think that for me its the adventure of it. I mean Alpha King just about blew my socks off the first time I had it. Wow, you might as well just crush some hops cones in your hands and smell them letting it fill your head with that wonderfully fresh blast of hops. Remember that Monks beer dinner Bryan and I went to? Now that was an adventure. I was reeling from the bret' beers we tasted that night from Pizza Port Brewery and Russian River Brewery. Then there's the whole home brewing thing. Now that is an adventure. Most people would be skeptical about making your own beer and actually drinking it. And not only do I brew the beer, but, I'm growing my own hops. I have brewing "parties" to share the brewing experience. I blog about it too. I belong to the AHA, I drive long distances to find new beer. I talk about beer to everybody I know. Why? I guess this is a question I should know the answer to. I mean I drink enough of it. Maybe the question is, "What's not to like about beer?". Beer is more philosophical than I thought.


Anonymous said...

You drive long distances to find beer. Bryan and I will be running long distances to find...... Just what are we trying to find, Bryan? Are you ready and able to do both??? ;)
Sorry this is a bit off the topic, Adam.

Bryan Kolesar said...

Probably not a wise idea to try and co-mingle marathon weekend in NYC with beer hopping, eh?!

Adam said...

I don't know. Lisa ran one of those in college.! It wasn't a marathon, but, I'll bet it seemed like one...heheh.

Just think of how many pubs you'll pass on the way Bryan!

Bryan Kolesar said...

Seriously, don't think that I haven't thought about doing a Brew Lounge photo tour of NYC during the marathon. Just need a dry place to keep my camera as I run.