Saturday, September 19, 2009

Duck Rabbit, Iron Hill, and Terrapin. Special Beers All in One Special Night?

I see myself in Wayne, PA this coming Friday. If all goes well, I'll swing into Mr. Matt Guyer's Beer Yard for a few tasting samples of recently arrived (legally in PA, at least) Terrapin Beer from Athens, GA. Then, I'll head over and up the street to Teresa's Next Door. This will cause me to miss yet another General Sutter Friday cask session (something I say all too often), but I think this will be worth it. Two firkins in Wayne, read on. Jean Broillet, brewer at Iron Hill's West Chester location, has teamed up with his buddy Ryan Witter-Merithew to bring a couple of not-your-typical firkins to TND on Friday night. Ryan is the soon-to-be former assistant brewer at The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, NC. He's leaving the States and joining the Fanø Bryghus in Denmark. This is a newer brewery (making a go of it since 2006) that has the likes of Anders Kissmeyer (Nørrebro Bryghus) behind it. Jean will be featuring the Beer Yard Hop Pale Ale from Iron Hill (hops from the hop yard behind the beer yard) and Ryan will be supplying a Barrel-aged Sour Porter with tart cherries from Duck-Rabbit. I asked Jean for more details about this sendoff party for Ryan. Jean replied back with more than I bargained for and, to tell the truth, after my New England multi-part series (there's still one more part waiting for you in tomorrow's edition), I'm out of creativity for this week. So, Jean, take it away....
I met Ryan while brewing at Weyerbacher. He distributed my beer while working with Tanszos Beverages. Since that time, we have been best friends; utilizing any off time from work to brew beers that we thought would be enjoyable. Some of our favorite beers brewed together involved long fermentations with lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and pediococcus. Since then, Ryan and I have moved on to different breweries and different states. I took up residence at Iron Hill, in West Chester, Pa and Ryan at Duck-Rabbit, in Farmville, NC. I fell in love with fresh hop beers in the 2007 season, after establishing a small hop farm in New Paltz, NY. This year, I filled 7 firkins with wet hops, one of these (with fresh hops from the Beer Yard) will be poured at Teresa's on the 25th. Ryan began barrel-aging his porter in oak with various microbes and cherry purée around seven months ago. The end result was just two firkins filled with a funky Flanders blackish ale. One of these unique firkins will be poured at Teresa's on the 25th. Ryan recently took a job brewing in Copenhagen. Before he leaves, Ryan and I will be brewing a collaborative brew on my system in West Chester. It will be a Red rye Super Saison named Rode. Please join me in wishing him a fond farewell on one of his last nights in the states. He is a great friend and a talented brewer; he will be missed.

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