Friday, September 25, 2009

If My Writing Drops on the East Coast, Will it Make a Sound and Will Anyone Notice?

Just when it seems that everyone is off to Denver this week, I and a few other mice are left to hold down the fort back here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Fortunately, the calendar shows at least a few good things to do this week for those of us thirsting for something in the barley and hops area of the beverage world. Last night, it was a gathering of the Usual Suspects that Uncle Jack so kindly slanders in his latest writing. Quite an appealing bunch. The Drafting Room in Exton was hosting The Weyerbachers and they were sliding down easily with Chris Lampe there from the brewery as our tour guide through the 12th, 13th, and 14th anniversary well as the recently released batch of Riserva which, in my opinion, was not quite packing the same complexity yet as the bottle from the first batch was that I just opened around a week ago. But, still a nice, if not pricey, drink. Tonight included a stop in for a couple of hours at one of Suburban Philly's best beer bars, Teresa's Next Door. Jean Broillet of Iron Hill was there with a firkin to send off his good friend Ryan Witter-Merithew of Duck-Rabbit (North Carolina) who brought his own firkin to share before leaving for Denmark to begin brewing at Fanø Bryghus. (Check back here through this link to see more details about their friendship and their beers.) So, now it's a matter of settling in, reading all those writings about how great Denver is this time of year, and waiting to hear their names read off tomorrow. Can't believe it's been a year since I was last there. Got me reflecting on some of what I wrote last year at this may wish to as well. p.s. If you'd like to read up on what's currently happening in Denver, Jack Curtin (I can't diss him all weekend, hard as I may try) and Jay Brooks will be providing us with the best written word. Over at The Brewing Network, they will have the audio and video covered as well as it's ever been with up-to-the minute live streaming audio and video.

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booboodog said...

too bad that we missed you at the drafting room.