Monday, September 21, 2009

A Guide to Drinking Great Beer in Portland, Lovell, and Burlington

If you stop in here at The Brew Lounge often enough, you may have caught writings last week of a recent trip to New England with the Ebenezer Belgian Beer Festival's dinner with The Home Brew Chef, Sean Paxton at the cornerstone of this trip. There's was, how shall I say, lots of writing. And, I spilled it out to you over 6 days. From looking at the website logs of visitor activity, it seems that some of you kept up day in and day out, but more are still hitting each day's installments and catching up. So how about a handy index to refer back to? It's the least I can do for you loyal visitors.

Part I: Into Massachusetts & Portland, Maine (Great Lost Bear, Gritty's, Bull Feeney's, Local 188)
   ~ Part I & II Pictures

Part II: Portland, Maine and Getting Closer to Ebenezer's in Lovell, Maine (Allagash and assorted Portland material)

Part III: Background on Ebenezer's, The Home Brew Chef, and the Beer Dinner
   ~ Part III Pictures

Part IVa: Sean Paxton's & Chris Lively's Belgian Beer Dinner, first 6 courses or thereabouts
   ~ Part IV Pictures

Part IVb: The Belgian Beer Dinner, second 6 courses and segue to After Party

Part V: Ebenezer's After Party, Moving on to Burlington, Vermont and Home, Wrap-up
   ~ Part V Pictures

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Anonymous said...

I'll never forget my intro to craft beer years ago. I went to one of the first Stoudts Eastern Invitational fests. Sunday River was there and I picked up a book of matches with their name on.
I went up to Montreal with the matches and came down Maine woods for miles and low and behold I see this beautiful brewery there. Had a great time. Got to go back.