Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reasons to Click the Ad Links

You may have noticed a shiny new ad over there on the right. No, not the Amazon...or the Goog--, ahem, rhymes with Leinenkugel. We'll get to them later. This one's much more valuable for both you...and me. The BYO Magazine ad. Google ads aren't what they used to be and I was approached by BYO Magazine to put up a link, whereby you get a deal on home delivery of the magazine and I get a cut. As I've said before, I'll never ask directly for donations from you, but indirectly...that's a different story. I'm not big on littering my site with ads and whatnot, but, this is a great magazine. Winners all around. Here are 3 reasons why you'd want to click that valuable BYO link over there on the top right of the sidebar. because... --- you need a really great source of homebrewing information and recipes --- the magazine subscription makes really great gifts for the homebrewer friend or family member in your life...yup, plural: gifts --- you really enjoy The Brew Lounge and want to help support it, but the owner doesn't take direct contributions

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