Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Good Kind of Dog Days at Beer Yard

(Saturday of Labor Day weekend 2010 brought great weather and a great excuse to be at Wayne's Beer Yard)
(from L-R: Nick Johnson, Tröegs; Andy Dickerson, Teresa's Next Door; Matt Guyer, Beer Yard; Frances Franchi, Delaware County SPCA; Owner, Famous Kirby's Chile Pretzels)
I'm failing at time management and must move on from this point. So today, I'll be letting the pictures do most of the talking. Later this week, I'll have a more complete column up at The Washington Times about this past weekend's event/fundraiser at The Beer Yard. For now, it should suffice that when I say there were a bunch of 'locals' hanging out at The Beer Yard on Saturday being fed 'locally'-produced chile pretzels and grilled meat products, tossing back samples of 'local' craft beer from Tröegs, and making contributions to a 'local' organization (DelCo SPCA), it was a truly beautiful afternoon behind the Starbucks in Wayne, PA. UPDATE 9/10: BeerYard.com reported that the final tally came to 96 cases and a $1,091 donation to the SPCA. Great job to all involved!
(Beer and Man's Best Friend....or Beer IS Man's Best Friend..how is it?)
(Nick Johnson, Tröegs, loves his job and it shows)
(A cutie like this shouldn't be too difficult to adopt)
(Plenty of faithful companions were in attendance with their beer-loving parents)
(finally! A good use is found for a 30-pack of Natural Light)

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