Sunday, September 05, 2010

Vaynerchuk scores a Victory

I have a pretty solid history of wine appreciation and consumption. In the world of podcasts, I began watching Gary Vaynerchuk 3-4 years ago and stopped roughly a year later. Somewhere across the brew-niverse, I'd heard that he'd done a couple beer-related podcasts recently. One with Garrett Oliver and a more recent one with Bill Covaleski. Needless to say, I checked in and found that Gary still applies pretty much the same schtick to his show. Got me on the edge of thinking that I might begin subscribing again to the podcast version. I like what Bill, Ron, and the Victory crew have been doing lately with their gravitation toward video. I'm not sure many other breweries are taking it upon themselves to put out as much video content as are addition to keeping up on a written blog. Check it out for yourself. There's some good material, both on the brewing side as well as the fun banter between Gary and Bill, that should make the hour-long two-part video pass quickly. Part 1 & Part 2

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Bill Covaleski said...

Thanks for noticing! Wine Library TV was a great experience and we hope that the dialogue between beer and wine continues. Cheers, Bill C.