Friday, September 03, 2010

Mas Cerveza por favor at Dos Segundos. Gracias.

Looks like Jeremy Thomson is off and running at Dos Segundos in Northern Liberties. This posting from the good folk at Foobooz reminded me that I bumped into Jeremy at Friday the Firkinteenth at Grey Lodge a few weeks back. He'd told me about his moving on from The Khyber (Pass) and how he'd been planning to get the good beer and events flowing soon. All the more reason to stop in and see for myself very soon. When checking back in with Jeremy this week to confirm our conversation, I got just that (a confirm, that is) as well as a sneak peek at some of his upcoming events that he's calling "Brewsday Tuesday". In addition to highlighting various breweries at discount prices, they'll be serving up dollar Pork Belly Tacos that were prepared in one of the evening's select brews. They're trying to make it a lot of fun, while being easy on the wallet. Thanks, Jeremy, and best wishes. Now I've got some work to do to update my monthly calendar! 9/7/2010 "Welcome Back Joe" with Philly Brewing Joe Coffee--Porter- 5.00% ABV Kenzinger--Kölsch- 4.50% ABV 9/14/2010 "Taco-toberfest!" with Great Lakes Brewing Oktoberfest--Märzen/Oktoberfest- 6.50% ABV Commodore Perry IPA--American IPA- 7.50% ABV 9/21/2010 "Turtle Tacos" with Terrapin Beer Company Rye Squared--American IPA- 9.50% ABV Hopsecutioner--American IPA- 7.30% ABV 9/28/2010 "Maple Mischief" with The Bruery Mischief--Belgian Strong Pale Ale- 8.50% ABV Autumn Maple--Belgian Strong Dark Ale- 10.50% ABV 10/5/2010 Founders Brewing Breakfast Stout--American Double/Imperial Stout- 8.30% ABV Centennial--American IPA- 7.20% ABV 10/12/2010 Weyerbacher Hops Infusion--American IPA- 6.20% ABV Imperial Pumkin Ale--Pumpkin Ale- 8.00% ABV

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