Friday, January 28, 2011

SF Beer Week: the real San Francisco Treat

Mother Nature willing, I'll be in San Francisco three weeks from now getting ready to celebrate the kick-off of its Beer Week. Its schedule is shaping up quite nicely with nearly 300 events around the City and across to the East Bay in places like Hayward, Lafayette, Berkeley, and Oakland, to the north in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Healdsburg, and to the south in Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, and Santa Cruz.

On Sunday the 13th, I'll be co-hosting a 5-mile run with Brian Yaeger (Red, White, & Brew) and Derrick Peterman (Ramblings of a Beer Runner). We'll begin and end at one of the city's newest breweries, Social Kitchen & Brewery. SKB is operated by SFBW cohort, brewer, and Master Cicerone, Rich Higgins. At its location just off of Golden Gate Park, I'm quite anxious to see how they are ramping up after just a few quick months in business.

The run should be spectacular as it weaves its way through Golden Gate Park and in to the Haight/Ashbury District, with a peel-off point along the way for those looking for a shorter run, and back to SKB. Arrangements have been made for all runners to receive a $1 off each beer after returning from the run.

I'm already predicting that SKB's K├Âlsch will be my first post-run beer. Probably followed with some bites to eat and an IPA and an Altbier.

SFBW puts on a great display of Bay Area beer and bars and I'm expecting this year to be no different. Plus, the weather will be spectacular compared to what I leave behind on the East Coast.

I already hear that Rich from RichOnBeer will be there from Pennsylvania. Anyone else traveling from a significant distance to attend? Bay Area readers need not reply; you guys are gimmees :)


Rich Isaacs said...

I'll be in San Francisco, but I'm not a runner. =) Sounds pretty awesome though.

Oh and appreciate the mention. The link is actually if anyone was looking.

Baggen said...

Does travelling from Sweden count as a significant distance? If so, yes :)