Friday, January 07, 2011

Year-end Lost 'n' Found, part 4

Jay Brooks had, a few weeks back, linked to a Fox News Business report containing an interview with Sam Calagione about the Dogfish Head-based Brewmasters show on The Discovery Channel. Interviews with Calagione can be entertaining, but embedded within the confines of Fox News adds another interesting element as well. I recalled this little nugget that I had tucked away and not shared in December when I picked up on some online chatter about the status of the Brewmasters show which has not yet finished its first full season. Apparently, the last episode will air on some undisclosed date within the next few months. The status of any subsequent seasons is still undetermined, though Todd Alstrom at BeerAdvocate confirms the intended completion of the first season. The host seems quite taken with food, beer, and Sam so she makes it easy for him. Though, "It's becoming really cool to drink craft beer..." and "I think people prefer to drink craft beers than the Budweiser/Heineken..." seemed a bit odd to me, but that's just me nit-picking. The context and tone of the entire 9 minute video was more than appropriate and seemed to cast the industry, the brewery, and the show in a positive light. UPDATE: no sooner do I put this up and I see that Jack Curtin has linked to a Time Magazine profile of Dogfish and Sam Calagione. Guess we're all thinking DFH of late for some reason.

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