Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Relatively quiet, eh? Not so much. Time to catch up.

So I sorta fibbed. I said that I was going "relatively quiet" over the holidays--remember that? Turns out, I still posted something at least half-significant just about every day. Most of it didn't take much effort, so it still felt a bit like a vacation. Nonetheless, it didn't mean I wasn't working on future stuff for either The Brew Lounge or After Hours. I figured that most of you weren't doing a whole lot of reading over the holidays anyway, so I had plans to throttle back a bit. I know that for many of you the holidays mean disconnecting from the email, the web, and reading--saving much of the energy for eating and drinking instead of reading about it. In case you want a quick rundown of what you might have missed here at The Brew Lounge, here ya'r. Rest in Peace ~ A few beer friends gone but not forgotten in 2010 A few events to mention ~ Teresa's Next Door with their Very Shelton Christmas ~ Craft Ale House's 2nd Anniversary Gathering (okay, I didn't really right about this, but I will have a few pictures, or something, to share in the next few days from this ruckus) ~ The Drafting Room's night with Breckenridge Brewery (didn't really report on this either, but since I stopped here prior to Craft Ale House, you'll a few words on this in the next few days as well) ~ Monk's Holiday Dinner Lost 'n' Found ~ video of Matthias Trum of Aecht Schlenkerla ~ TJs cooler to-go a-traveling ~ Victory's Sticke'y Monkey Calendar stuff ~ Dec 16-Dec 31, pretty decent looking for the busiest time of year otherwise ~ New Year's Eve ~ January 2011 Miscellaneous ~ Tired Hands still progressing ~ the stellar Pintley Beer App ~ England (and some wonderful casks) Comes to Philadelphia Oh, and a fun link to share with you over at Jack Curtin's site. He's got a nice throwback series of postings to 15 years ago written mostly in the words of those seminal figures in Philadelphia Beer that were there to help do the heavy lifting in building what we have at our disposal today. It's fun and enlightening reading during these cold holiday days. Take the 20 or so minutes to read through all six parts. Enjoy!

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