Wednesday, January 05, 2011

To eat and drink at Brewery (& Cafe) Ommegang

Buried inside of some Brewery Ommegang notes from the brewery's Larry Bennett over at was one that particularly caught my eye: The opening of Cafe Ommegang. I love having a meal at Victory, Sly Fox, McKenzie, Iron Hill and other breweries that are local to me. I can only imagine being a Cooperstown local and being able to say "Meet me for a bite at the brewery. Yeah, Cafe Ommgegang." Just imagine. Go and read for more fun nuggets of one of the country's best.


Unknown said...

A cafe at Ommegang? Outstanding. I sense a road trip to Cooperstown in the spring.

JG said...

It may not be an event, but Mad Mex in University City has a Jan special of $5 22oz Yamika Glorys, amazing. (also Hop Devil)