Sunday, January 23, 2011

Know what else is great about Belgian beer in the Delaware Valley?

On the heels of a successful day at TJ's with a bevy of imported Belgian beer, several that many had never heard of from smaller less-known breweries, comes Iron Hill's regionally-inspired Belgian-style beer next Saturday. The eagerly-anticipated annual event in West Chester on 1/29 looks to probably be snow-free which virtually guarantees a packed house and beers that will kick even sooner than usual. I'd post the tap list here, but that'd be cheap. Especially considering that host brewer, Larry Horwitz, put all the effort into writing some insightful first-person descriptions for all the beers, arriving from Cambridge, Massachusetts (Cambridge Brewing) to Roseland, Virginia (Devil's Backbone) and most from our own backyards here in the Delaware Valley. Therefore, go check out the full list and writeup by Larry over on Iron Hill's site. I would try to tell you which I'm looking most forward to drinking next Saturday, but I'd likely be copying and pasting the entire list. I'm guessing you'll probably agree?

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