Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sly Fox turns 16 with plenty of beer for the celebration

Sly Fox is celebrating 16 years of its incredible brewing business in Phoenixville and they've got quite a lineup in store for you.

They're opening bright-and-early at 10 a.m. for those of you that plan to take off work to help in the celebration. Last year (hit up this link for videos), they hosted a brunch to kick the day off and rolled merrily along from there. This year, they're promising a "day-long party....will feature 20-plus beers on tap (including one very special surprise--think Philly Beer Week) and the annual release of Odyssey Imperial IPA".

The beers below are being sold individually or in pre-set groups of five (5 oz. pours) for a reasonable $7. There's also a $7 brunch and tapas menu to fuel your base throughout the day.

Regrettably, I'll be missing the event this year, but that will leave more beer for the rest of you. Congratulations to Sly Fox for another year of tremendous growth and here's hoping you all enjoy the party.

Here's the list:

~ Up first on tap-- Belgian Blonde; Christmas Ale ['11]; Falconer's Flight; Helles Golden Lager; Odyssey Imperial IPA ['11]; O'Reilly's Stout; Phoenix Pale Ale; Pikeland Pils; Rt. 113 IPA; Southampton Saison Deluxe; Abbey Xtra; Broederlijke Liefde; Chester County Brown Ale; Dunkel Weisse; Grisette; Ichor; Panacea Barley Wine; Promethus; SlyPA 2.0; and Standard Pils

~ Up first on the hand pump-- Odyssey Imperial IPA ['10]; Odyssey Imperial IPA ['11]; and Chester County Bitter

~ Waiting on deck-- Incubus; Saison Vos; Dunkel Lager; Royal Weisse; Whitehorse Wit; Belgian Dubbel; Instigator Doppelbock; Rauch Bier; TW Fearless Pale Ale; and Keller Pils

~ Backups for the hand pump-- Gang Aft Agley; Phoenix Chinook; and London Calling Porter

~ And a bonus for one day only-- Succuberry: A sour, blended raspberry ale, gravity-poured from a firkin atop the bar.

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