Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 12/19/11

Going into the new year, I need to do something about both getting more organized in the spirit of getting more information to all of you. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly where the future of "blogging" is, but with the likes of Facebook and Twitter looming larger than ever, it stands to reason that it's more difficult than ever for me to "keep up" with the rapid flow of information regarding breweries, beers, and events.

So as I attempt to take a step in the right direction, I'm planning to put up a weekly update each Monday morning of things that I (and you, perhaps) may have missed, or at least not drawn attention to, in the prior week. There'll be information, but not enough to warrant their own postings. I'll rely upon links to others that have more significantly reported on these things.

Is it the easy way out? Perhaps. But, the number of times I talk with many of you in "real life" and you express no idea about things that I'm aware of but just haven't written about tells me that I'm not doing a good enough job sharing these interesting tidbits of information with you.

Without further ado or agita, here's a handful of interesting things from the past week that you may find interesting as well. The focus will be, first, on the Philadelphia region and, then, beyond.

If you have suggestions for how I can make this the most effective delivery possible, by all means, feel free to let me know. Here goes.

~ Tired Hands Brewing Company owner, Jean Broillet, announced the details of his "Believer's Club". Membership details at the THBC website.

~ Forest & Main continues to gain steam towards its grand opening. Between its website and its Facebook page, you'll find (and see) all you need to know about one of Ambler's most exciting business projects.

~ Philly Food and Beer announced the First Annual "Grand Cru" Homebrew Competition in conjunction with Keystone Homebrew. It will be held on 1/5/12; deadline for entering beers is 12/28/11; all the important details at Philly Food and Beer.

~ Victory Brewing from Downingtown continues its phenomenal growth. It infiltrates South Philly with a reported spot inside the coming Xfinity Live! (planned opening: Spring 2012) with a German Beer Hall. Crossing Broad has a picture and some details from the press release.

~ Wheels of change in Pennsylvania vary their pace as promising signs went, once again, a bit dimmer. Check over at Lew Bryson's blog to learn more.

~ Apparently McKenzie Brew House is opening the doors on its third location in Devon, Pa. today. It's located along the northbound side of route 202 and has been the site of several restaurants, most recently Charlie Brown's, over the years. The Brew Lounge learned of this late last night via Twitter (thank heaven for Twitter, I mean how would I learn of these things otherwise? boggles) and has no further details at this point. UPDATE: The McKenzie Brew House homepage has a small blurb drawing attention to the 12/19 opening.

~ Jeff Bagby, head of brewery operations at Pizza Port, has announced his intentions to leave the 4-location southern California brewery after 6 years and strike out on his own. Bagby came up through the ranks with stops at Oggi's, White Labs, and various positions within Pizza Port and has won scores of awards along the way. San Diego Beer Blog has some details.

That's it for now. Anything else significant that I may have missed?

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