Monday, December 26, 2011

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 12/26/11

Lots of Christmas-y stuff going on this past week, so it's not difficult to imagine that you may have missed some of the following.

~ Dock Street proclaimed last Wednesday the beginning of "Occupy Dock Street". No plastic was accepted. Cash only. And for every Wednesday going forward.

They intend to pass along the saved merchant fees from the credit card companies to the customers, offering all food and drink discounted by 3%. Great concept, imo, albeit small. But, if more people and organizations made small statements like this, it might turn in to a bigger movement.

~ Bottling of beer for The Farmers' Cabinet on Walnut Street in Philadelphia may commence in the new year in Alexandria, Va. Yes, it's not easy keeping track of who's doing what (and where) with this throwback establishment, but it's certainly been an experience to follow along. Check out Greg Kitsock's notes over at The Washington Post for a bit more.

~ Marathon Grill, long a champion of well-sourced and well-made food, has closed a few of its 7-location family of reasonably-priced restaurants in Philadelphia [link to Foobooz]. In recent years, they embraced better beer, making for more delightful weekend brunches, and started a Brewerytown community produce garden to feed the neighborhood and to fresh-source their kitchen.

Not much inside scoop yet about the company's future. Here's hoping that at least a couple of spots remain open through 2012.

~ Guy Hagner, originally of One Guy/Berwick Brewing in Berwick, Pa., is taking his talents to Pittston and the forthcoming Susquehanna Brewing Co., which is slated for opening early in 2012.

See Jack Curtin's site for these recent details and Lew Bryson's for some additional thoughts (including Jaime Jurado's hiring) from last month. SBC's website is here ....and its Facebook page link over here. Should be an interesting story to follow.

~ Last, but certainly not last, some positive mainstream press for some local good guys. Media, Pa. was featured on this past week's Philly Foodies on NBC10 and, from a beer perspective, not too surprising to see two of the best rise to the top of the show.

Tim Volikas (the beer guy in charge of the two-year-old Pinocchio's Beer Garden) and David Anderson (Executive Chef at Iron Hill on State Street) were featured prominently in pieces on their respective establishments. Haven't yet been able to track down a link to the video, but when I do it will be here.

Media is a charming and diverse town always with something interesting going on and plenty of good eats and drinks.

It's been a hectic rush up to the holiday season. Did I miss anything else?

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