Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome Visitors! Stick around a while and enjoy the beer

Welcome to so many of you first-time visitors here coming to hunt down a New Year's Eve gathering.

Before you run off, be sure to stick The Brew Lounge in your RSS reader and/or Like The Brew Lounge on Facebook and/or Follow The Brew Lounge on Twitter.

There's over 6 years of history here focused first on the Philadelphia region, but in reality the content spans the country (and sometimes the globe). The content deals with finding great beer in all its forms and locations and the people that deal with it from brewers to owners to reps to bartenders to distributors to consumers.

Calendar of events, beer and brewery reviews, interviews, and event highlights are all stuffing the archives of The Brew Lounge.

Enjoy your visit and stop back again soon!

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