Monday, January 02, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 1/2/12

As you begin to come out of your holiday craze and daze, here are some things that you may have missed along the way.

~ Tired Hands continues to make progress...progress that is rapidly picking up pace. Before we know it, there'll be a new opening. This one, in a location desperately needing one. Note to self: get back to Ardmore. Link here back to previous pictures on The Brew Lounge or Link here to new ones from the brewery's Facebook page.

~ But, while Tired Hands and others continue to trudge through their pre-opening construction "fun", Iron Hill has plowed quickly through the last few weeks and opened their ninth location in Chestnut Hill for soft opening dinners this past week. I'll have a few more pictures posted separately here in the next day or so. Until then, go and check out their Facebook photo page and prepare for a grand opening to the public this coming Wednesday, January 4.

~ Have you caught my column over at The Washington Times Communities recently? I took a stab at a Top 10 Brewers list and a Top 10 Craft Beer Themes of 2011. A Top 10 Beers list is coming soon; stay tuned.

~ Jay Brooks uncovered a Philadelphia History of Beer poster. I love these kind of illustrative capsules. Go check it out.

~ In last week's wrap-up post, "KL" commented about progress at Bucks County's Free Will Brewing and Neshaminy Creek Brewing. If you missed it, check back via this link.

~ 2011 left and not a minute too soon. I didn't find anything noteworthy about New Year's Eve to link you to, so let's get on with 2012.

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