Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 1/30/12

Again, quite a bit to share with you, so let's get right to it.

~ I took the easy way out with my most recent article at The Washington Times. Eight brewery and importer reps that you're used to hearing from at the bars weighed in with their thoughts of the 2012 beer season. Definitely worth the read, once again, if no other reason than to let 'em know at TWT that you like reading about good beer. Thanks, as usual, for the support.

~ Dock Street has a seasonal collaboration with and on display at The Four Seasons hotel off Logan Circle. Many of you may not recall that 18th Street was the original home of the brewpub way back in the late 80s and have come together with their old neighbors to showcase a very delicious (read my thoughts via this link) Truffled Old Ale.

~ Special of the Week, just gonna quote verbatim: "Come to Manayunk First Friday (6-9pm) and enjoy deals all down Main Street, anywhere you see the red flag! Here at Manayunk Brewery enjoy a free pizza buffet, and 1/2 off two of our favorite Sushi Rolls: Manayunk Roll and Main Street Roll.

~ Here's an interesting idea about bar closing times and city revenue in Philly. I wouldn't exactly say the streets are "clean" at 2 a.m. Plus, I'd love to see someone try to measure the marginal drunkenness. I need to hear more, but can't believe the going from a 2 a.m. close time to 3 a.m. will wreak that much more havoc in the bars and on the streets. And, don't tell me the after hours clubs are open. They're all private (right?) plus not usually the "scene" that most are comfortable in.

~ File along with a grain of salt, for sure. Thanks to Jack Curtin for slogging through the lists at to discover which the raters deem worthwhile around our great beer-drinking region. Check it out, discuss, try not to argue about it.

~ If you follow @TroegsBeer on Twitter, you'll see that Nugget Nectar is wrapping up production in Hershey and getting ready to hit the streets. Nicely spaced from the Bell's HopSlam release this year, beer geeks should have just recovered from their excessive slobbering in time for the February release of this hoppy treat.

~ Our own world-renowned, Lew Bryson, has reinvigorated his blogging ways. He obviously has sensed a void since I slowed things down around here. Either that, or he figured if he's making a show chronicling the American Beer Blogger, that he should do as he says. :-D That, for us all, will be a very good thing. He's out in Pittsburgh for a couple of days, but this posting here about Victory's Dark Lager is a good reason you should be reading along over at his blog. Here's another link for his notes on the new Delaware spot, Ernest and Scott, and a bit from London Grill.

~ Speaking of Delaware, our old friend, Ben Potts played the role of Silent Bob in this video (I kid, you know) where Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione discusses the highly-anticipated Noble Rot. Look for it on shelves soon. Thanks, as usual, to for the link and the perpetual flow of, uh, beer news.

~ There have been some new happenings at General Sutter Inn. Did you know that the Sutter has a bit of a very cool new look in Lititz, Pa.? Now, when you've partied like a rock star at a cask festival or at the Bulls Head Public House next door, you can sleep it off like a rock star.

~ The inimitable, inevitable, and unavoidable Richard Ruch has struck again. This time with a fun and informative video (approx. 10 minutes) that he passed along. It shows the trip he took with Victory (Bill, Ron, and others) back in '07 to Germany and the Czech Republic. Has me looking even more forward to this week's Tettnang dinner at the pub.

~ Thanks to Ken who dropped a note to remind of the under-the-radar development up in Doylestown. The other end of the R-5 train line gets so much attention. Here in Doylestown, they're readying operations at Doylestown Brewing Company and even have an appropriately-named R-5 Lager. An IPA and a Light are also in the works for a February opening. Check 'em out and congratulations to the northern 'burbs on an ever-improving beer scene.

~ After meeting "Chipper Dave" a few years back at GABF (and touring around Colorado), I've had his well-maintained Fermentedly Challenged on my blog reading list to stay abreast of beer news around his home state. Here, in this Bull & Bush article, I found the tableside dry-hopping unique enough to share with you.

~ I don't know why I seemingly continue to find this stuff interesting. Sure, binge drinking can be a problem. But, the wild definitions and the excessive hand-wringing, I'm not so sure. Anyway, here's a rebuttal to some material that I've linked to the in the past. If you're not up-to-date, don't worry. Main message: binge drinking is very, very bad and based on the definition, most of us do it…and, more frequently than you might imagine.

~ And, then. Oh yes, and then. Perhaps the biggest beer news story of the week centered around the craft segment pioneer, Sierra Nevada. The Chico, Calif.-based giant (and I mean that in the most craft-loving way) announced that they settled on North Carolina for its future eastern operations. So much has been written about this that I'll merely link to Sierra Nevada's press release posted on its website. And here is one video from Fox Carolina that nicely wraps up the announcement.

The next question on many's minds is: What of New Belgium's and Stone's plans to do something similar? Lew Bryson has also written of potential plans for New Belgium in Philly. In my own pea brain, the jury is still out on the hows and whys of this being a smart move.

In the meantime, have I mentioned that I've already got Sierra Nevada's Ruthless Rye IPA in my Top 10 beers of 2012?

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