Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A couple of goodies for you Homebrewers out there

This first one takes a bit of planning for the next couple of months leading up to Philly Beer Week.

The second should get your beer geek juices flowing but requires you to act a bit faster.

This first one will give you a chance to showcase your award-winning Homebrew in a competition hosted by Triumph Brewery in Philadelphia during Philly Beer Week. If you don't care for Facebook, here's a link directly to the entry form.

Keystone Homebrew has long been a fixture in the homebrewing scene of the northern city suburbs and up into the Lehigh Valley. They've conducted all sorts of events around wine making and beer brewing.

Now they've pulled off what seems to be a major coup of an event. All the beer geeks surely know of Urbain Coutteau from Belgium's De Struise brewery. Now homebrewers will have the chance to learn directly from Coutteau and brew a beer with his guidance.

Enough from me, go read the details over at Keystone Homebrew.

And....get brewing!

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