Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 3/26/12

Did you miss any of these noteworthy newsy, brewsy bits from the past week (or so)?

~ Wanna go to Brews & Bowties for $10 less ($50 instead of $60)? Use promo code "BOWTIE2012" when purchasing tickets at their website to get the discount.

~ A leading wine sommelier leaving town may not sound like news for The Brew Lounge, but since I shared a couple of fine beers with her at Teresa's a couple of years ago, I thought I'd pass along this newsy bit from Michael Klein about a Melissa Monosoff.

~ Also in that last link was a small bit about The Farmers' Cabinet crew, which apparently can't sit still. I was in Center City yesterday when they made their official soft opening, but opted to stop by some other day instead. Here's some related news from Foobooz.

~ Local 44's new bottle shop opened this past week. With the proliferation of bottle shops across the city over the past year or two, this hopefully portends competitive and fair prices for consumers. A win for all.

~ Homebrew with a cheesesteak angle? Now I'm no expert, but I'll keep an open mind.

~ Doesn't this sound like fun?

~ One more from The Full Pint. This one noting the return of Saison du BUFF, which should be a very good thing.

~ Our old friend (and by old, I mean...ah, never mind) Jack Curtin checks in with some news about long time Southampton brewer, Phil Markowski, and his next plans.

~ And, where to begin with some of the biggest news of the week? Victory's expansion plans. I, along with many others, mentioned it early Tuesday morning. Brewbound has a bit more detail. Plus, some nice recognition from CBS local news as well. Fun times ahead, for sure.

~ If you know me even slightly -- or even slightly follow me around these parts -- you knew I'd be eventually pointing out the new "marathon beer" from Boston Beer/Samuel Adams. Looks to be limited to the Greater Boston area for distribution.

~ Yeah, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. But, required, if not frustrating, reading nonetheless.

~ And now, it seems as we've come to this. Maybe it's the best way to handle situations of consumer madness. Maybe not. Jury's still out.

~ Wow, hard to believe SAVOR is five. Philly Beer Week is also five years old and mostly explains why I've still not made the trek south for this fine showcase of great beer in the nation's capital. Tickets go on sale April 5 (with special presale April 3).

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