Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 3/19/12

Some must-read news from across this fine world of great beer.

~ Opening today at 3 p.m. Local 44's new bottle shop has passed inspection and is set to open at 44th and Spruce. Some friendly hours, never closing earlier than 10 p.m. "Our bottle list is a loveingly curated one" is something you can never hear enough of.

~ Here's an upcoming unique beer event that proves it's still not out of style to get dressed up. Plus, the Leukemia & Lymphoma benefit is a good reason to as well.

~ Hey homebrewers! You've got two more weeks to get your registration finalized for the 2nd Annual Homebrew Competition during Philly Beer Week. Homebrewers can register via this link. Deadline
for registration is March 31.

~ Bunch of interesting things in Dogfish Head's latest newsletter. If you know me, you know that I particularly zeroed in on the registration of the Dogfish Dash (to be run on Sun. 9/30), a race that I swear I'll run one of these years.

~ A whole bunch of stuff, too much to detail here, is happening up in northern PA at the soon-to-be Susquehanna Brewing Company. Their blog tells all the details and an insider tip from reader, Mark, adds "He did say they received shipment on three noble hops, Hallertau, Saaz, and I didn't catch the third but probably Tettnang. I am assuming the first brew will be some type of European beer or lager."

~ The man sometimes known as The NonConFermist and formerly the first half of The Brew Lounge passed along that the far-flung Whip Tavern may be looking to open a location a bit closer to civilization. Or, at least a bit closer to a lot more competition. Good for hungry and thirsty folks of northern Chester County.

~ Sprecher Brewing Company is hosting the 5th Annual Brewing Up A Cure in the Fight Against Cancer, a benefit for Gilda’s Club of Southeastern Wisconsin, on Sunday, April 29th. If you're near the brewery in Wisconsin, this is sure to be a fun and rewarding night.

~ Jay Brooks reports on what I consider to be a sad piece of news. The somewhat-underappreciated (by "beer geeks" anyway) Gordon Biersch looks to be out of their current location (the one with the beautiful view of the bay and the Bay Bridge) in San Francisco. After twenty years. They'll resurface somewhere else, presumably in the city. I can only hope for a trip later this year to San Francisco, when I'll need a Märzen or a Schwarzbier.

~ Next year's release will be three times the size? Oh well, there goes another beer off the crazed-beer-geek-list.

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