Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Brew Bits Update: 3/12/12

The last few weekly updates here have been rather overflowing with all sorts of craft beer bits and bytes. Take a breather this week and catch up with these few nuggets of interesting news from around the bar.

~ Seasonal beers. Tough to say exactly anymore what a seasonal beer is and is not. It's not like this is the first go-round on this topic. This time around, it seems that Chris Lohring got things going at Notch Brewing, with the dropping of BSA Harvest, which used to be considered a seasonal of theirs. Around Philly, here's what Lew Bryson said next. Then said Jack Curtin. Back to Lew again.

~ One of the region's top beer (and food) events wrapped last night, too late for publication here. Expect to hear more from me about The Brewer's Plate in coming days. Spoiler alert: It was a tremendous event as expected.

~ Victory has a neat little 2012 "state of the brewery" at its website and it reminded me that they also have this cool new smartphone app. Which then reminded me that I met the developer, Mike (@PhillyBeerGuy), at TJ's during the Pliny The Younger madness a couple of weeks ago.

~ You know how I like my beer and my running. Sometimes in that order. Sometimes the other way around. Here's news that Sly Fox will be the official brewery of this summer's ODDyssey Half Marathon in Philly.

~ News from the old General Lafayette Inn bubbles up every few months or so. This time, it's a listing of the property, currently owned by Sovereign Bank.

~ A worthwhile 20-minute interview with Sam Calagione at Better Beer Authority.

~ Speaking of discontinued beers (see Notch Brewing above), New Belgium apparently has dropped Mothership Wit from its lineup. Stan Hieronymous noted the company's Twitter feed.

~ It may not be that gift-giving time of the year, but if you need a gift, this from Brooklyn Brewery seems like a pretty cool idea.

~ With (most of) the Pliny The Younger madness behind us for 2012, here are some more geek-worthy newsy notes and stats from Russian River Brewing Company.

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