Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beer and Bocce and Iron Hill

Beer and Bocce at Iron Hill-Wilmington

Not much to add other than it was a near perfect day to be lounging around with a long list of great beer from local breweries at the Wilmington site of Iron Hill. Summer Love (Victory), Black Raspberry (Sly Fox), Pilsner (Fordham), Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse (Nodding Head), and even a Chai Tea Porter (from Brian Finn, host brewer at IH-Wilmington) were some of the memorables of the day.

With their outdoor patio and lawn, it made for great sitting, socializing, and drinking for people and (our) dogs alike.

Nice to see Ric Hoffman (Natalie and Sage too) from Stewart's. Even nicer to see him win. Strange though how I didn't capture him in any pictures. But, then again it was strange that I forgot the camera battery on the charger. No worries, that what the "simple cameras" are for :)

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