Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Brews News Update: 8/13/12

Quite the mixed bag of good, bad, ugly, and some downright confusing.

~ Good news in the Local 44 kitchen.

~ I'm guessing most of you homebrewers out there already knew this, but here's what you missed if you didn't know as posted by The Beer Yard.

~ Stateside Philly's George Sabatino took home top Hop Chef last weekend at Ommegang. If you didn't catch that already in my BCTC wrap-up, here's a link to another take on it over at the Philadelphia City Paper.

~ Had this new beer the other day at Victory HQ in Downingtown and can vouch for its goodness

~ Next month, Evolution from Salisbury, Maryland is coming to southeastern Pennsylvania and they've hired Megan Moore to do the bringing. If you don't already know her as "megsbeerslave" on Twitter, my hunch is you're about to get to know her even better in coming months. She's got 10 years in food and beverage behind her and recent experience around Philly Beer Scene.

~ When the Brewing Network talked cask systems a couple of weeks ago, they wisely lined up an interview with UK Brewing's (and General Sutter/Bulls Head in Lititz) Paul Pendyck. I know a lot of you don't dig long anything...writing, video, audio. So give the interview a listen beginning at the 38 minute mark.

~ It's gonna take me a bit of time, and likely some personal research to determine what is going on here. I was having difficulty getting by all of the misspelled words on the website and the beer naming reference to the drunken (or is it "drunkin") Irish.

~ Ok, I've done a bit more pluggin' around the netz and have found the following in threads at BeerAdvocate. Interesting indeed. I don't typically spend a lot time in those forums, but this odyssey intrigued me for some reason.

~ The West Chester Beer Ladies are celebrating the (anything but) terrible twos. They'll be brewing with Boxcar Brewing to commemorate.

~ Lots of wonderful goodness on the horizon with the chaps at Almanac Beer in the Bay Area.

~ Unlimited beer sales at the Olympics, eh? Not much of a story here, but presuming it was mostly or all macro-ish in nature.

~ Been a long time in coming that I could say something nice about the Los Angeles beer scene. This is a nice piece along with a quote that is worth repeating here.

~ Fightin' words (or at least strong opinions) from Tony Magee at Lagunitas (yikes, really Tony? not surprising, I suppose) and Hugh Sisson at Clipper City (valid points if not a bit misworded in the first attempt)...reminds me of a conversation at BCTC that I may share with you someday.

~ and then Sixpoint does its own calling out....this of the early release of Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers. Gotta say I'm getting a kick out of (and losing some hairs from all the head-scratching) from the fervor kicked up by some of the folks that think this is a fight worth picking. Move on, brew the beer, relax, enjoy.

~ Positive stuff (or at least the Greg Koch version of positive) from SoCal.

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