Friday, August 17, 2012

Random videos of music and beer

For some reason, videos taken recently did not upload cleanly to YouTube, therefore I had to do a bit of techie magic which I don't even pretend to understand. But, here they are finally. Doing the file conversion process was a slow process, but it seems to have worked. I've got some more that I'll work on in the coming week or so. Think Belgium.

Enjoy this interlude, a work-killer if you happen to be trapped at your desk on this fine Friday.

Belgium Comes To Cooperstown, 2012
~ During the tasting session of the annual BCTC festival, Sly Fox's Patrick Mullin and Corey Reid coordinated a special, timed opening of the brewery's Ichor Quadrupel. It went over quite well. [Link to Sly Fox/BCTC video]

~ Much later in the evening, art lit up the night in the form of fire dancing and Brothers Past on the concert stage. Not hard to jam with these guys at all; I want to see more of them in the future. See if you agree. [Link to Late Night at BCTC]

~ Going back over a month, I'd referenced the 80s hard rock/metal band, Metal Shop, that played at the awesome Breastfest charity beer festival in San Francisco. Here's a clip of their version of a Whitesnake classic. [Link to Metal Shop at Breastfest]

Philly Beer Week
~ Going way back, all the way to Philly Beer Week in June, the video quality may be so-so (that may even be generous), but the audio will illustrate what a solid band and local treasure Hoots & Hellmouth is. They played after the Philly Beer Run at Dock Street's Music Fest. [Link to one video of Hoots & Hellmouth and then a link to a second video]

Enjoy, then get back to work!

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