Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Morning Second-Hand Brews News Update: 8/20/12

Last week's Monday Morning Brews News Update had a decidedly negative tone to it, what with major industry players calling out a variety of people and things that apparently tick them off. This week, a return to a more civil tone. Take it away Philly.

~ Dock Street is rolling out what has been labeled the first French-American collaboration. It was done with Brasserie Thiriez and it's a American (table) Saison and it will be debuted on September 15.

~ I don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I so liked the way Joe Sixpack has framed up the great pumpkin debate. Brew it, drink it, enjoy, and relax. Or not. Let's just please agree to stop the silly debate (my opinion, I understand) whether it's too early for "seasonal" beers or not.

~ If I was one of "those kind of people", I'd be reminding you how I told you first that they would be opening and would be well-received in Ambler. But, I'm not and I won't...though, I may have done just that. Nonetheless, Craig Laban has officially reviewed Forest & Main and gone on the record saying they're two-bells-worth of goodness. Congrats guys; save a seat for me on that beam.

~ Here's some happy news from Mr. Bryson.

~ Still out there trying to "break" news, Jack Curtin shared an e-mail that he received (let the recored show that it was just shortly after 9 p.m.-- he was clear to point out) of Eddie Stoudt's intention to leaving the family brewing business to pursue a lifelong dream. Read more here.

~ Came across a video link of construction progress at Weyerbacher. You'll find the link within the blog post update at Weyerbacher's site.

~ Anderson Valley and Wild Turkey have entered an interesting partnership

~ New Belgium was named a best place to work. If you know anyone who works there, or ever visited its home in Fort Collins this should come as no surprise to you. Outside Magazine has the complete list of 100.

~ President Obama was in Iowa where I'm not sure which they wanted more: 4 more years of Obama or 4 more beers. Maybe both.

~ Back home in D.C., there's apparently a new "brewery" going into the White House? I suppose this is a continuation of the brewing that began a couple of years back at 1600? I'm still working to get my behind-the-scenes pass. Seriously. Until then, go and read what little the USA Today has to say about it.

~ Continuing the fact-checking, I like how Obama Foodorama puts it: "...lack of fact checking or pure amnesia..." since I was fairly certain that this definitely did not seem like new news. And, then for good measure, one more link to Obama Foodorama regarding the White House "homebrew".

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