Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beer in Philly (Inquirer) everywhere today. Philly Beer Week and Brew-vitational edition

Have you caught the Food Section of today's Philadelphia Inquirer? The print edition is out today where you'll see all sorts of tasty stuff including the judging results of the fourth annual Brew-vitational that Craig LaBan and the Inquirer have conducted.

As you may have known, or about to learn, I was one of the eight judges and the results of our five-hour-long labor of love are detailed in the paper.

Much of the print version is available online as well as some video. I've included links below to speed your way. I'll come back later to elaborate some more on my thoughts about the Pilsner category, which I voiced some passion about during the judging. (Spoiler: I love 'em.)

The Brew-vitational winners and "Meet the Judges" video.

Brew-vitational: Tasting the Winners, the video

Brew-vitational: Gallery of pictures

Pilsners and Scoats' love of them.

Joe Sixpack's guide to Philly Beer Week.

Dan DeLuca, a fellow Brew-vitational judge, presents his music to drink beer by

The dynamic husband-and-wife duo behind

And, while this isn't the Inquirer, Beer Sessions Radio featured Philly Beer Week and Chris Wilson from Weyerbacher this week. Check out the podcast here.

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