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A Taste of Philly Beer Week 2017 (June 1-11)

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According to the official website, we're told that Philly Beer Week 2017 is only ten days away. Yes, you read correctly. This year it begins yet a day earlier to further imperialize our Beer Week. Thought it about time to check out the schedule and see what's a-happening this year and whether it's worth, as they suggest, taking any time off from the ol' day job.

An undertaking the size of Philly Beer Week and the required organizational skills - coordinating many establishments and their hundreds of events across 10 er 11 days - is not for the faint of heart. Communicating everything the PBW-going consumer needs to know should be of paramount importance. Without them (well, both the consumers, and the details), what is there?

The calls have already come in to the Brew Lounge hotline and I'm happy to report back that I'm here again, for the tenth year, to spreadsheetatize your PBW schedule to supplement, complement, improve upon the official website calendar of events.

I took an early look and, as of earlier this morning, Mon. May 22, here's a quick recap of what can be found out there for our beer-going ways. Remember, this schedule, as it does every year, will change right up until the opening bell, er Opening Tap, and then somewhat bewilderingly throughout almost every day of PBW. Your best bet is to depend upon the official PBW website, app (when it arrives, and failing all else, checking with the establishment. (p.s. no spreadsheet to share quite yet, just some keen observations)

- 406 unique "event" listings
- 70 unique establishments

Number of events currently listed by day
   Thursday, 6/1 - 14
   Friday, 6/2 - 40
   Saturday, 6/3 - 46
   Sunday, 6/4 - 37
   Monday, 6/5 - 36
   Tuesday, 6/6 - 42
   Wednesday, 6/7 - 41
   Thursday, 6/8 - 44
   Friday, 6/9 - 36
   Saturday, 6/10 - 42
   Sunday, 6/11 - 28

Regarding the establishments
   ~ 62 of the events are at a Uno location
   ~ 23 of the events are at one of the "beer gardens"
   ~ 22 of the events are at a Whole Foods store/pub location
   ~ 4 of the events listed are related to the Hammer of Glory tour
   ~ 2 of the events listed are for the Beer Under The Big Top event
   ~ 1 of the events is the Opening Tap
   ~ Of the remaining 292 events
      ~ 15 are at Jose Pistola's
      ~ 12 are at The P.O.P.E.
      ~ 12 are at Teresa's Next Door
      ~ 11 are at Grey Lodge Pub
      ~ 11 are at Lucky's Last Chance in Queen Village
      ~ 10 are at Bait & Switch Seafood
      ~ 10 are at Eulogy Belgian Tavern
      ~ 10 are at Good Dog Bar
      ~ 10 are at Hop Angel Brauhaus
      ~ 10 are at Johnny Brenda's
      ~ 10 are at El Camino Real
      ~ 10 are at The Victoria Freehouse
      ~ 10 are at Lucky's Last Chance in Manayunk

Regarding the events
With only 10 days to go, even though much may still be added to the calendar, if forced to pick an event each day, here's what looks good to me (in case you were asking!)
   Thursday, 6/1 - Niño Bacelle of Brouwerij De Ranke at Monk's for lunch followed by the Hammer of Glory Tour and capped off with Opening Tap at The Fillmore
   Friday, 6/2 - Official PBW Uptown Beer Garden
   Saturday, 6/3 - It's A Firkin Riot! at Johnny Brenda's
   Sunday, 6/4 - A Devil's Den version of Free Will Sour Sunday
   Monday, 6/5 - Omme-gash, it's All-gang at Good Dog
   Tuesday, 6/6 - New Kids On The Block at Standard Tap
   Wednesday, 6/7 - Sierra Nevada Beer Camp beers at Clarkville
   Thursday, 6/8 - 2SP and Bagby Beers at Cinder
   Friday, 6/9 - Modern Times & Hermit Thrush featured tappings at Jose Pistola's
   Saturday, 6/10 - Wayne Music Fest with Teresa's Next Door, Tröegs, La Cabra, Rusted Root, Huffamoose, Mason Porter, Ben Arnold, and more
   Sunday, 6/11 - A Nodding Head, Curt Decker, Coppertail brunch at Memphis Taproom

Welcome Newcomers
And unless my eyes (and memory) deceive me, here's a list of newcomers to this year's roster that may be worth checking out during PBW. (not passing judgement, just listing 'em)
   ~ Bait & Switch Seafood
   ~ Chick's
   ~ La Cabra Brewing Company
   ~ Pizzeria Stella
   ~ Tiki

How's that to kickstart your thirst for great beer and Philly Beer Week 2017, the tenth edition?

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