Monday, May 29, 2017

Quick update on the Philly Beer Week 2017 schedule of events

The PBW organization tweeted a very nice compliment my way this past weekend. But I still must point out the perennial issue of event planning deficiencies served up via the website and/or mobile app for the some of us (or from what I've experienced/heard year in and year out...a lot of us) that want/need to plan.

Therefore, as I've done in each of the previous nine years, I've got a spreadsheet-atized version of what's out on the official PBW website. In this case, as of this morning. It will be the last time I update the spreadsheet. Frankly, all events should be planned well in advance of now, but that's a different issue.

I think many of you know me well enough that I don't do this in competition with PBW, rather as a way to supplement. It's proven wildly popular (in one year, being downloaded nearly 15k times). In my experience, people want the best information in an easy-to-use format. I'm just trying to help with that.

After de-duping the master events list and removing brewery entries that duplicate the host bar's entry, there are 552 "events" on the official PBW calendar as of this morning. I've not passed judgement on what I think most will agree barely qualify as a special event and events that have absolutely no description.

Also, I've not attempted to fix incorrect times of events. Did you know that the general admission for Beers Under The Big Top is due to begin at 1:30 a.m.? Or that there are 28 events that begin at Midnight, and one at 4:20 a.m.? My guess is that's not true and only a way to game the calendar and get listed earlier in the results (sort of like putting the event name in all caps to draw yet further attention).

Nevertheless, I've tidied up the list of 552 events into a spreadsheet and I'm happy to share it once again.

Drop a note to me at if you're interested in receiving a copy of it.

The daily tally, by the way, as of this morning is as follows:

21 - Thu. 6/1
59 - Fri. 6/2
55 - Sat. 6/3
50 - Sun. 6/4
52 - Mon. 6/5
57 - Tue. 6/6
55 - Wed. 6/7
64 - Thu. 6/8
54 - Fri. 6/9
49 - Sat. 6/10
36 - Sun. 6/11

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