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Monday, August 06, 2007

At least it had a nice aroma...

I can't honestly recall if I've ever broken a bottle of good beer before. Well, tonight brought an unexpected cleanup project in the garage.

To make a long story short, the refrigerator door fell off its hinges. The temperature soared quickly from 50F to 72F, blood streamed from my bare feet and hand, and Salvation ran across the concrete floor. Go ahead, take the chance now to tell me that this is why we don't put bottles on the fridge door (another argument for O'Reilly, O'Sullivan, and O. Blues and their aluminum cans!!).

Vinnie and Adam could not have been more disappointed. I suppose I was more upset about the project of putting the fridge back together and reorganizing the bottles. Because the net damage was just one bottle...the Collaboration.

The vintage Thomas Hardy's, Russian River, Samichlaus, and other more recent goodies survived the fall...only by the grace and cushioning of Salvation, obviously.

Interesting how the tragedy began smelling like, well, sweet Salvation but ended up being a sticky mess reminiscent of many morning afters in college days. All that was missing was cigarette butts, stale crap beer, and strange people laying across the couch and in the bathtub.


Eli said...


I can lighten your door by removing that Sly Fox Christmas if you'd like...

Applejax said...

The horra, the horra!

Dan Bengel, Northside Event Guy said...

You don't keep all that beer in the fridge unless you plan on drinking it soon. I will wait your call to help.

ThirstyBear said...

what a shame - guess you should be happy that it was not worse; however, have to agree with the others - believe that you are way overstocked and may need some help - dispensing :>0

Bryan said...

Eli, the wait for the 2005 and 2006 SF Xmas should be interesting. Thinking I'll wait until a 2007 one appears, then do a pseudo-vertical.

Dan, keep your ears open for's closer than you think.

Mr. TB, glad to have your help too :) And, I know Applejax will be happy to help as well.

Thanks all for your support ;-)