Thursday, August 16, 2007

Iron Hill, Do You Want More?

My jury duty has been completed for this go-round. Justice has been served, thank you very much. Of course, I couldn't make it out of West Chester without one last visit to the crew at Iron Hill (directly across the corner from the many jurors have been faced with the same "problem"?!) I already went on yesterday about their coming German Pilsner. But, check out what's going on right now. This may be a bit of a stretch, but allow me to say that you may not find a better lineup at Iron Hill. Okay, you probably will, but you've got to admit, this is pretty good. Of course, there is the usual lineup of Pig Iron Porter (my year-round favorite from these guys), Ironbound Ale, Lodestone Lager, Anvil Ale, and Raspberry Wheat. But, this week (and beyond, to a point) you'll find the Bourbon Porter on nitro (Pig Iron, courtesy of bourbon influence!), The Cannibal (Silver Medal, case closed?), Belgian White (crisp, seasonal, and delightful), and Ironbound on cask (APA allowed to fully present its beautiful self sans forced carbonation).


Jeremy said...

Jackie and I had a lazy Sunday last weekend... walked around downtown West Chester... had lunch at a hole in the wall mexican place... then stopped in for a beer at Iron Hill. I tried the Bourbon Porter and was very suprised how smooth it was... definetly work checking out.

Anonymous said...

The Cannibal just might be my favorite Iron Hill beer. Glad to here it's back on tap.

Anonymous said...

I was at the North Wales spot last Sunday PM and Larry's Vienna was on, as well as a solid Witbier and HefeWeizen. The Vienna was as beautiful as subtlety can get. And the Ironbound Ale had never tasted any better. Who says Ringwood yeast brewers can't make awesome [basic] Ales?

IH...come to NYC please. Thanks.

Josh said...

Hey guys. I stumbled across this entirely by accident googling for "growing hops". I'm a homebrewer in Media, PA. I was really amused to read that Adam was also a weekend gearhead in addition to a brewer, I enjoy the same hobbies.

RE: Iron Hill, how are things out there? My wife briefly lived in West Chester before we got married and I swung by for their opening. It was nowhere near as good (beer wise) as the one home here in Media. Have things improved? Anyone haunt both of them?

Adam said...

Hey Josh, the gear head part of me has been in hibernation for a while. Just got the RX-7 back on the road. Now time for brewing. Then the car. Then brewing again.

Its a tough life ;-)

BTW I got a set of wheels from a guy in media a couple years back. Used to live nearby too.

Bryan Kolesar said...


Iron Hill is doing tremendously well. They're about to open their seventh location, the latest one this fall in Lancaster, PA. The Phoenixville location came on line late last year and is quickly getting up to speed, installing newer/larger equipment just recently.

In roughly ten years of operations, they've won somewhere around 30 GABF and WBC awards across their company, including 'Large Brewpub of the Year' at the 1995 GABF.

I've made it to all locations except Newark and haven't found any of them to be significantly lagging in any area. They've certainly mastered the food, beer, and service aspects of running a decent brewpub chain....all while giving their very talented brewmasters the latitude to brew their own creations year-round. (I have no affiliation with IH!)

And to prove how bullish I am on Iron Hill, check out prediction #6 for this year :)

Thanks for dropping by...stop in again!