Saturday, August 25, 2007

Keepin' it Real with the new Dock Street

Don Russell's Joe Sixpack column in Friday's Philadelphia Daily news used a word that I use a lot when talking about beer....REAL. "Real" to me, is what makes beer, specifically 'non-yellow fizzy malt pop', so absolutely without a doubt GREAT. Sure, not all craft/micro beer is great, but on a whole the vibe is more often than not, GREAT. And, seeing the rebirth of Dock Street in West Philly (the extended University City?) proves this point. With Don making the clear distinction between the Dock Street of the early 90s ("polished", etc.) and the Dock Street of the late 00s ("edgy", "funky", "counter-culture"), he intentionally proves the point that this craft/micro beer age is more about being real than showy. Sure, I know, there are some elements out there that point to those trying to capitalize on recent trends. I'm confident that the real craft beer audience can and will elevate those who are keeping it real and weed out those who are not. So, what's my message here? Dunno, think it was something along the lines of "let's support those who are keeping it real," because that is what will keep great beer REAL GREAT. Dock Street is one of those. Might have to make a trip there this weekend, just so that I practice what I preach. Plus, now that everyone else seems to have been there, guess it's time for me to pay a visit (It's tough to keep up with, much less a step ahead of, this Philly beer crowd!)

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Anonymous said...

a bit of a tough neighborhood.
not concerned for myself but my transportation being there for me as i left it.