Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yards Brewing, the Beat Goes On

Tom Kehoe, one of BA's newest members, heard from this morning in his own words contributing to the running thread about the future of Yards Brewing and Philadelphia Brewing. Read it below....or here's a link so that you can read all of the chatter on the subject. This is my first post on the forum, and I am Tom Kehoe. It seems that with all of the activity of this page I wanted to just let you all know that I am reading the posts and I hope to communicate with the beer community through my actions as the President and founder of Yards Brewing Company. The official seperation [sic] happened on August 2nd and all "three" parties got what they wanted. The details are details. The big picture is Yards will be leaving It's lease early and moving to a new location (which I can't disclose now). And a new brewery will be formed at the former location. Philadelphia gets TWO breweries and we need more. Philly needs to take back the reputation it once had as the brewing center of the country. Yards will be making it's fourth move in the city since it was a small 3 barrel brewery in Manayunk. We incerased [sic] the size of the brewhouse to 30 barrels when we moved to Roxborough and kept it the same when we moved to Kensington but expanded the amount of fermentation to increase capacity. Each one of these brewhouses was designed by me to brew Yards. Now I am working on a new larger Brewhouse -- one that will be designed by brewery engeneers [sic] to my specifications to produce Yards Beers. Yards brews (and the Yards drinking public) will benefit from the move by having Yards produce a better product and an increase in availability. It's all about the beer -- Cheers, Tom.

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