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Friday, August 10, 2007

Jet Rock, Chickie's & Pete's, Beer at PHL

This probably falls just somewhere north of "who cares", but in the spirit of reporting news, the Terminal C Jet Rock Bar & Grill at Philadelphia International Airport is closing as of today. It's being replaced by Chickie's & Pete's. (The Terminal B location will remain). So, while the food is improving, the beer selection is declining. I knew something was off earlier this week when I ordered an Anchor (sorry, sir), then a Sierra Nevada (not that either), then had to "settle" for drinking local with a Victory Hop Devil. I didn't have much luck on the food side of the menu either as many food items were not available. The bartender informed me that they weren't restocking inventory as the days passed leading up to closing. For those of you not familiar with "Chickie's", it's a locally grown small chain of seafood/sports pubs (esp. crabs & fries) across the Philadelphia region. It's original location is just around the corner from another little establishment that you're probably all familiar with, the Grey Lodge Pub in the Mayfair/Wissinoming area of the city. They've grown slowly over the years to locations in the Sports Complex, the suburbs, and now the airport. They appear to becoming as synonymous with Philadelphia as Pat's, Geno's, and the Liberty Bell. On a slightly related note, only about half of the micro/craft taps were flowing at the Independence pub (not to be confused with Independence Brew Pub in Center City), located in the "mall" between Terminals B & C. Hopefully, this was just an off day and they will continue to be an airport oasis for Troegs, Yards (maybe?), Lancaster, Victory, and other local faves. PHL has always been known as a decent airport when it comes to beer selection. These two places are the primary reason.

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