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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Donate blood, Drink beer

Just one more link to pass along to you and then, I promise, to stop for a little while. This one is timely for me since I just finished up with my monthly platelet donation. Iron Hill is just down the street in West Chester, but I don't need the beer as incentive to donate...but it does help with the replenishment! Here's a story of beer for blood in Washington. And, yes, if this looks familiar to you...I found this via, gulp, those forums at a popular beer website.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn 't drive after that.

Bryan Kolesar said...

no, no, no. don't go thinking crazy. I don't drink the night before or after donating. personal preference.

I learned after my very first time ever donating, back at age 18 in college. Donated at 2 in the afternoon and was partying hard by 6pm. Big, BIG mistake.

Anonymous said...

I understand, as I have given blood.
But the story says the coupons are good for beer from 4 to 6 hours after giving blood used on the day blood is given. Correct me if wrong. This is pushing it in my opinion. When I give blood they tell you not to drink that day. I think they are right.

kmudrick said...

I like this better: donate blood, then run almost 7 miles with Bryan through the hilly suburbs about a day later, then drink :)