Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some fine insights from North of the Border

'Til I get around to (finally) updating my Recommended Links page, I charge you with checking out the fine insights from Stephen Beaumont at Blogging at World of Beer. I can probably count on one hand (likely, less) the number of times that I've linked to any of his rich writing; and, that's a misstep on my part. Perhaps it's a bit of a kinship that I feel that helps me enjoy his writing. His viewpoints, his penchant for running and fitness. (I saw him last at Philly Beer Week's Brewer's Run and Lew's Session Beer Event.) Or perhaps it's the direct approach in expressing opinions that makes it such an easy recommendation to make to you. Take, for example, Trends from 2009-2010, Goals for 2010, or Lessons Learned in 2009. There's no mincing of words, no need to re-read, nothing particularly inflammatory. (Certainly not to say that Stephen doesn't take solid stands on hotly debated topics.) Of course, those could be construed simply as my subjective takes on his writing. So don't take my word for it, go check out what Beaumont has to say. I'll bet if you're not already a subscriber, you will be soon thereafter.

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