Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prepping for San Francisco (beer week, that is)

I suppose that I really haven't shared my plans to head to San Francisco for half of its Beer Week in just a couple of short weeks. Plans may be overstating it at this point, since I've got a calendar of events and a few must-dos/invites. Otherwise, my schedule is just starting to take shape as I talk with others about their intended doings and 2010's SFBW sounds just as promising as last year's. Speaking of Bay Area-related news, I came across this tidbit the other day at Jack Curtin's Liquid Diet. It wasn't so much the news of the Sierra Nevada 2010 Anniversary Collaboration, though that was actually a good reminder. It was a tidbit buried in the comments section from Jack McAuliffe's sister, who dropped an interesting nugget when she mentioned the possibility of a still-under-development brewpub wishing to do a special "Jack McAuliffe Brew". Of course, this all sounds very premature and whatnot, but still with McAuliffe potentially involved in a couple of different brews in 2010, have we surely come full circle, or what? Elsewhere on my radar for San Francisco will be beer dinners, festival, tastings, special beers, barleywine, a Tribute to Bill Brand, and plenty of other good stuff that I'll share with you all in due time in much more detail. Steve Shapiro over at Beer by Bart is in the process of putting together some nice promotional clips that are worth checking out. More, much more, obviously to come...

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