Friday, January 22, 2010

Exit 4: The Journey Continues at Flying Fish

Remember the exciting news that I promised after the Chifa dinner with Flying Fish last week? Well, it's here. And if the news is here, it means that the bottles are not far behind. Twelve ounce bottles, that is, of Flying Fish's lauded Exit 4 ("American Trippel"). It was the first in the once-pseudo-controversial Exit Series and then went on to win a Gold Medal at 2009's Great American Beer Festival. Casey Hughes, award-winning brewer at Flying Fish, gave the okay this morning to release this information out to you. And, a pretty picture too! Here's the rest of the story, in their words:
Exit 4 - American Trippel Exit 4 For the first release, we chose Exit 4--right up the street from the Flying Fish brewery. Because we were one of the first craft brewers to embrace Belgian-style beers, we've chosen as our representative beer, a Belgian Trippel dry hopped twice with plenty of American hops. This inspired Belgian-style Trippel has a hazy golden hue and the aroma of citrus with hints of banana and clove. Predominant Belgian malt flavors give way to a subdued bitterness in the finish. Bottle conditioned, this beer will develop as it ages. Winner of the gold medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival and voted The Best Belgian Beer in America in Mens Journal Magazine. Malts: Malto Franco-Belge Pils malt, White Wheat, Acidulated Malt Hops: Columbus, Palisades, Amarillo, Simcoe Yeast: Belgian Abbey Yeast Original Gravity: 21.5 plato Alcohol by volume: 9.5% Formats: 12oz Bottles, 1/2 Kegs, Firkins Released: February 2010

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Mark said...

Sounds yummy! Please include in my next week delivery with 2 quarts of milk, a pound of butter, and a dozen eggs.