Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get to Know McKenzie Brew House Again

There's been a bit more buzz of late around the McKenzie Brew House. A couple of medals here, a few positive comments from others in the industry there, and Jack Curtin mentioning the brewer and a few specific beers over three separate praising postings at his Liquid Diet. And in a few days, Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack) is collaborating on the brewpub's first ever beer dinner. Rewinding a few years, McKenzie Brew House was a one brewhouse outlet in Glen Mills, don't call me Chadds Ford, or Concordville, or even Delaware. On the spot where the Frazer, don't call me Malvern, location now operates was the owner's former restaurant concept, La Grande. Here in this paragraph was where once was written more details about the happenings at the end of 2006. Then, I deleted it figuring those who know, know. Those who remember, remember. And, then there's a bunch, I'm guessing, who just don't give a rip. So, if you care and want to know more, click back here or over to this link. But, otherwise, I'm moving on and getting on with the positive and that's what I'm hoping many more will do as well. You owe it to your inner beer geek. Because.....Because, if you haven't been back since December 2006, you've been missing out on some fine brew coming out of Ryan Michaels' brewhouse. Since taking the helm at McKenzie, Ryan Michaels has continued to make the standard house brews, which---yes, the emphasis is 'standard'---is just fine, but like clockwork continues to crank out way more hits than misses with his seasonal/specialty/one-off batches. The beer judging world has taken notice as well...awarding a Gold for the Saison Vautour in both 2007 & 2009 and a Bronze in 2007 for the Wee Heavy. With a wingman of his own now (Gerard Olson to name names), the duo continues to put out beer all across the style map at both locations as well as at local festivals. Not long after 2009's GABF, I stopped in and chatted with Michaels and he sent me home, as with Jack, with one of those brett-laced Saison Vautours---One of those that won the Gold this past year---One that's still in my cooler. Jack says it was pretty good. Sounds like I need to be opening it pretty soon. And you? If you haven't been to McKenzie's lately because of some old grudge, well that's just silly...and I'm just sayin'. So you can make up for it this Thursday (that's less than two days from now on 1/21) for a sum total of $39. With that $39, you'll get five courses of food, plus beers like Saison Brune Reserve, Grisette, Saison Vautour, Biere d'Hiver, and Cuvee McK. Nothing standard about that, eh? Give 'em a try. If you're still not convinced....well, I'd buy your dinner, but I don't think that'd fly so well with Mrs. Brew Lounge.

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