Saturday, January 23, 2010

One good thing leads to something better?

Zot was a good place, albeit a place I'd only been to twice. Is it because of the neighborhood's identity crisis of late? Were there management missteps that brought Zot's operations to a close last year? Or was it the competitive Philadelphia both the pub/restaurant industry as well as, more specifically, Belgian beers? I don't know the answers to most of these questions. At this point, though, it's time to move on. In the first half of March, Philadelphia Beer Week co-founder and president of Museum Catering, Bruce Nichols, and partner Madame Saito plan to open 'The Head House' in the former location of Zot (122 Lombard Street)...just off, you guessed, Headhouse Square just north of South Street...where all the hippies meet. According to Profile Public Relations, The Head House will be "a restaurant and beer bar with more than 20 craft taps and beer-friendly foods located on Philadelphia’s historic Head House Square. The Head House will also become a new location for Museum Catering with a private event space to accommodate up to 100 people on the restaurant's second floor. The Head House will serve dinner seven days a week and is slated to open in March. More details will be available as the opening nears." Provided the estimated opening date is pretty close to the actual, I'm betting there'll be at least an event or two worthy of stopping by during Philadelphia's Beer Week in June 2010.

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thinman said...

Wow. This is the first I heard that it closed. I can't say I'm surprised. I don't really know why specifically, but no one seemed to go there- even my friends who lived close to it.