Tuesday, February 22, 2011

San Francisco Beer Week 2011 Wrap-Up

~ 169 Pictures from Days 1-5 of SFBW '11

~ 11 Videos from the 2nd Annual SF Beer Week Beer Run (try not to mind my heavy breathing from behind the camera!)

Words (too many to fit in Twitter)
~ Prelude and Day 1
~ Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4
~ Day 5 and Wrap-up


Rich Isaacs said...

That was an excellent read Bryan. Really enjoyed seeing your impressions of San Fran Beer Week.

We weren't there long enough during the actual week to really take in any events, but the list seemed nicely varied. As a visitor, the only real thing I noticed was that the singular events were often out of the city. As you showed, though, they really weren't very far so to locals it probably wasn't a big deal.

I'll say though San Francisco, just like Philly, is an awesome city to visit for beer any time of the year. There are so many bars and brew pubs right in the city that all seemed great. And, if you rent a car or have one available, Russian River, Moylan's, Lagunitas, etc are all within an easy drive.

I'm really looking forward to Philly Beer Week after this for sure. Oh and I wasn't able to resist the allure of bringing home beer like you did. I brought home 6 different bottles, 4 of which are unavailable in the Philly area.

Rich Isaacs said...

Also, great pictures.