Friday, October 19, 2007

Blind Tiger likes to Drink Local, Run Local

Should I just give up and move to Manhattan? Great beer, great running. Or wait, I'd be moving away from the country's best overall beer scene. So, who's up for a Brew Lounge Running for Better Beer Club? See recent news from them for more details... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I think people have a notion that beer drinkers are pot-bellied, lazy slobs with simple tastes that involve ploughing through cases of Old Style and soiling one’s self with buckets of cheese puffs, wings, hot dogs and any other food substance that’s neon in color and/or of questionable origin. Throw into that mix sports, sex, and the occasional car talk (only occasional because we live in NY, mind you) and this is what the world at large thinks of the American beer drinker. All of the aforementioned acts are perfectly respectable in my mind, even wiping out entire cases of beer in one sitting; just not that beer. However, to prove everyone wrong, which we are known to do here at the Tiger, I’m starting a running club and we will be known as “Team Tiger: Drinkers with a Running Problem”. So if you don’t want to turn into one of those paunchy bloated beer hounds, or maybe if you already are, Team Tiger is here for you. We will meet on Monday evenings, time to be determined on location, which will vary. As the good drinkers we are, we will always finish our run at a bar, just to make sure no leg cramps set in. All levels of runners/walkers are welcome and encouraged. If just being cool and running with “Team Tiger” isn’t incentive enough for you, we will be offering beer specials for those who participate. And as much as I love a good joke, dirty stories, great recipes and pictures of kittens, don’t email me with any of that crap. If you do, you will find yourself in the south Bronx for our “Yankee Stadium run” and you will be solo, running for your life. Our first outing will be Monday, October 15. We will leave the Tiger at 7:30 pm and head to the path on the Westside Hwy. If you need to change your clothes at the bar, please do so beforehand so everyone is ready to go on time. To make things simple, we will do an easy “out and back” 30 minute run. What this means is when we get to the path everyone heads north for 15 minutes, turns around and heads back south, completing 30 minutes total. This way all levels of runners finish at the same time. We will then head back to the Tiger where delicious ale awaits. I look forward to hearing from you – Go Team Tiger! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And here was the result... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Team Tiger rocks!! All I can say is that the Team Tiger kickoff on Monday was a huge success. Thanks to all that participated both I running and imbibing. For those of you who couldn't make it, don't get me angry. Just kidding, you missed out and we hope you can join us next week. Speaking of next week, here’s the scoop: Monday, October 22 Blind Tiger 7:30 pm (we leave to run – if you need time to change or a pre-run beer, come early) We will run the West Side Hwy again, this time heading south, 40 minute total out-and-back. Post run drinks at the Tiger, as if I even need to mention that. Once again all levels of fitness welcome and encouraged. For all who participate with Team Tiger, you will receive happy hour prices on Sundays – all day and night – now that’s what I call carbo-loading! See you next week, you –

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